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I recently made Pots de Creme from the Tartine Bakery book with my two fabulous buddies, inter-continental! “Inter-continental?”, you ask? Yes. My two art-school buddies and I bake the same recipe over the phone! We have been baking our way thru the Tartine book. I know, how cool is that? We have the best time! This is our first inter-continental session; before I moved to France, we baked cross-country!

3 photos of Pots de Creme.

I have to say I was rather underwhelmed by this recipe. It was fun to make and easy to make, but truthfully, it wasn’t very tasty. My hubby and I really didn’t like it. Maybe I need to try better chocolate? I don’t think there were problems with the substitutions — there wasn’t anything too challenging to figure out or locate.

photos of substitutions for recipe. French chocolate and French heavy creme

I halved the recipe and put 2 of the Pots de Creme in the fridge for the next day and they were, frankly, inedible.  So, would I make it again? I would try a French recipe and see if it is better.

my ratings for pots de creme